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What our parents say

"Initially, I was not ready to put my child to daycare. Too many thoughts that my child might be least prioritised, will be neglected, yada yada.. yes! I was a worried mum! But, I need to do this!!! So…I had many places booked in for a visit as I need to go back to work that very soon. Curious Kids was the second and last. I opted to visit some other places as Day 1 of transition visit at Curious (with my eldest daughter), I had felt that instant warmth, ambience, love to children, calmness of voices, joy of children, peace & cleanliness I am exactly looking for. The transitioning hours for a week had been hard for me (mummy’s hormones, yes blaming it! Haha), but had been smooth with my son. He had the sleeping routine and I relayed that with the Centre with caution as I have invested my whole time, energy and emotions training my son for a week during his transition and I had handed over to them with confidence knowing that my son’s routine will be closely followed. And, they did! They are all amazing there. They respect my son’s routine, observing his wake windows (most important!!!) and feeding my son accordingly and putting him to sleep calmly. My son who is only 6 months, is coming home happy— smiling and even like starting to talk and communicate and even play more joyfully with us. He seems to be more engaged and lively, happier and becomes an easier baby. I was worrying a lot that my heart couldn’t handle this—having other people to take care of my precious child for more than 8 hours, but CURIOUS Kids had given me a peace of mind and heart that we have found the PERFECT place where my young beloved little one can explore, develop more holistically & grow with the kind of environment that we can call our son’s SECOND home. From Manager (Mabel) to supervisor (Stephanie) to teachers to kitchen staff, 5 stars or even more!!!This place is highly and worth-recommending!!! May every teacher impact more young souls every day that these lil ones’s families will really consider them a second home!!!Thank you so much and we are a happy and grateful family here!!! You are all fantastically doing a superb job!!! Keeping up honest communications— KUDOS!!!"

May Villanueva, Parent

"From the moment we walked into Curious Kids I felt at ease that my daughter not only loved this place but the people too. It did not take long to adjust and she loves going to daycare, sad to be saying goodbye in just a few short weeks. The staff here are caring and supportive. I can’t say enough great things about this place, if you want your child to be valued, nurtured, challenged, encouraged, and empowered Curious Kids really is the place to be. Will miss you Curious Kids fam, thank you for an amazing 2 years"

Sabrina Khairati, Parent

"I would 100% recommend the team at curious kids for anyone looking at enrolling their children into childcare. All the staff and management are so understanding, caring and adaptable to every kid that comes into the center.

Each of my kids have come here from the age of one and have loved it and learnt so much. The team are so supportive of each child's learning and development and communicate well with parents about their wishes when it comes to there children. They also offer a awesome before school program for 4 year old's to help them transitioning into school. Wouldn't trust anyone else with our children!”

Tayla Merrett-Emerson, Parent

"My son has been at Curious Kids since he was 8 months old. The teachers are so attentive, caring and friendly. We are always updated with our sons progress regularly through social media. The administration team - the Center Manager, Mabel, is always present and available. I have no doubt chosen the best daycare for my child."

Charlene Carpio, Parent

"The team and all the teachers at Curious Kids are extremely caring and supportive. They have created a wonderful nurturing climate for our children to be a part of. Each day, we feel the warmth and positivity of the teachers, no matter which age group they work with, welcoming our children with excitement and ensuring they feel settled and comfortable with their peers as caregivers head off. 

We have always admired how the teachers of Curious Kids continually show a genuine interest in getting to know each child at the center such as their interests, and where they have come from. The celebration of different cultures has enabled children from various backgrounds, along with their whānau, to share their traditions and stories. This has taken place through encouraging dress up days where traditional attire is worn, evening events held where the children learn about and eat traditional foods, or providing opportunities for students to learn songs and dances from the cultures during the day. Curious Kids provides a great environment for the diversity among the Tamariki to be acknowledged and celebrated. 

The communication with home is exceptional. We are well informed through regular updates on events, policies and activities that the children have been involved in through individual and room storypark entries. Through these we can see what our tamariki have been involved in. We have enjoyed hearing about the learning experiences that our two girls have been a part of such as trips to the library, artwork, dress up days and Disco’s. 

During the lockdown period, we felt the strength of the Curious Kids Family even more. The teachers continued to acknowledge our children through asking after them, sharing activities they were doing at home with their whānau that we could try at home, and fun sensory programmes via Zoom each morning.

We feel very privileged to see our girls attend such a wonderful daycare and feel honoured every day to be a part of the Curious Kids family. Even our eldest daughter who is 3, and has been attending for 2 years, is disappointed when it is the weekend and she can not go to daycare to see her teachers and friends. That’s a great sign that Curious Kids is the best place to be!"

Leonie McLeod, Parent

"My daughter Nikita LOVES her time here at Curious Kids everyday. Right from the start, Nikita has been given an extremely caring and nurturing environment by Sheereen and the rest of the amazing teachers in her room. She is growing up fast and learning so quickly. I’m sure it is largely due to the interaction, developing little friendships and learning through play that she’s exposed to. Nikita is always happy at the end of her day. I know my daughter is in a very safe caring hands."

Betha Nate, Parent

"My son joined curious kids when he was 1, It was very nerve wracking to find the right daycare I felt comfortable with. After visiting a few, what made me choose here Is that I could see the teachers interacting with the children and singing and playing with them not just leaving them to it. They also have a great covered outdoor area so no matter the weather the kids could play outside still as my son is very active! He has learnt so much being here and also enjoys the range of meals provided. For me I felt good leaving him for the day knowing he was still shown love and attention by the teachers that he would get at home. They always have a range of different activities each day for the kids and also listen to any comments you may have. I’m so glad I found this daycare!”

Katerina Kaijser, Parent


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