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Our Philosophy

Explore, Play and Learn

Curious Kids is an inclusive centre that respects that every child comes from varying backgrounds and cultures.

We understand how much trust is imparted to us when we care for your little one. Our teaching team are passionate about developing your child into confident little learners so they develop core attributes such as respect, sharing and empathy while respecting their individuality.

Our teachers embrace and represent the diversity of our local community, which in turn helps develop social skills and cultural awareness and inclusion while respecting unique beliefs.


Our centre provides a safe and calming environment that allows children to flourish and develop through exploration and child-led play using their natural curiosity and sensory to explore and absorb the world around them. 


With the support of our teachers, we believe that children learn best through play and exploration, and we provide opportunities for them to be inquisitive and to participate in semi-structured activities.


Our centre provides children an environment rich in learning and development, where children learn to problem solve, share, make decisions, and take risks through play based activities and structured activities. Our children do this in a safe, nurtured loving environment, so all children thrive.


We involve families and work in partnership with our community so everyone feels welcome. We value participation and partnership with Whanau and offer opportunities for parents to feedback to us to ensure the best outcomes.


We acknowledge the principles of the Treat of Waitangi, and we believe in valuing this history and diversity. In parallel to this, our teachers embrace and represent the diversity of the local community and work towards building cultural awareness while respecting unique beliefs.


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