Pukeko Room 3.5 - 6 Years

Our Pukeko room flows on from the Kiwi Room with similar rituals and routines of the day. Within the Pukeko room there is a new found sense of independence, and taking new steps towards competence and confidence in achieving goals. Teachers carefully plan and respond to our childrens growing interests and curiosity through respectful interactions, investigation.

There will be lots of projects, revisiting learning and apply knowledge and skills in to new experiences. We have a wonderful outdoor area, offering children space to explore and challenge themselves physically. Our teachers are very focused on extending children’s knowledge around numeracy and literacy, promoting readiness for school, offering children fun and relaxed group times where they experience activities and games which provoke their thinking and problem solving.

Our team ultimately believes that children will flourish in their lifelong learning by developing positive social competencies and this will support children to feel a sense of ease and confidence through their transition to school.


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