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Transitioning between rooms

The Transition Process

We have a robust and successful transitioning process and you are kept very well informed throughout this.

As children are getting older and based on the individual development of each child the staff will take groups of children for play visits in their new classroom so the children can see what this space looks like and become familiar with faces. These are done about once per week for a month before the transitioning begins.

You will receive a letter detailing the dates for when the transition starts and the day they will be part of the new room. The process usually takes two weeks, however for some children we may allow extra time for this to take place.

  1. The visits in the new room start off short – usually about 1 hour. This continues for the first week and they are back in their current room by lunch time.

  2. During the second week the visits get longer, so if your child still sleeps then they start doing this in their new room about half way through the second week.

  3. Once the child is ready you will be notified and you will collect and drop of your child into the new room.

  4. During this process the staff from both rooms communicate each day on how the visits are going and they make changes if required to best suit the child.

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