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The Discoverers Room

Discoverers Room 0 - 2 Years

We have a lovely space where nurturing and care play a vital role in our infant’s development.

Our teachers are attentive to each child and ensure each infant has familiarity, consistency and strong bonds with teachers, where one main teacher supports your child, providing consistent care for your child and communication for your family.

We endeavour to have this as a base for when new families start as this helps to settle both infant and Mum/Dad when there is a sense of security in knowing who will be the teacher participating in the main care moments with your child.

The Discoverers room is set up for exploration and discovery for all things and an environment where our infant’s needs are consistently met and our infants are happy, safe, content and confident explorers. Our team value strong, responsive and reciprocal relationships which are supportive of children's holistic well-being. We place high value on parent and whanau relationships and work closely with the parents each day to ensure we are giving them the support they need while their children are in our care.


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